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[Last night, we had a remarkable evening of songs. View clips or full recording. Below is some of the feedback we received right after the call. Thank you, all!]

I was touched by ...

by the depth of Carrie's generosity, feeling everyone's emotion when I switched several times from speaker to gallery view, and the power of prayer expressed globally that felt like 10,000 people were on the call ... Carrie's immense gentleness and wisdom -- so glad that the world has her in it!  ... by the sharings and the music ... I loved Parker Palmer's surprise visit ... the heartfelt sentiments of kindness in Carrie's music ... by each and everything on and about the call, and of course Carrie's beautiful meaningful music and the gratitude videos for her brought tears of gratitude to me. ... just how beautiful it all was, by music, the voice that held the poetry and meaning ... authentic open-hearted vunerability of Carrie and everyone who shared ... the Love emanating from Carrie's Presence ... Parker Palmer’s surprise presence and touching words ... how all the contributions of the evening were offered with such a kind and humble spirit ...

... the beautiful faces of all who were attending ...  the closeness across miles and blurry cameras ... the words of Carrie’s songs and glad my journal was beside me to write some down ... by the incredible sharing, the poetry, the prayers and moment of silence fro the people in Ukraine ... being able to be led in an intentional marking, with others, of the heaviness of the invasion of Ukraine ... by the openness, sincerity, vulnerability, genuine feelings that were expressed last night ... the interfaith learning and connections outside of religious establishment ... Carrie's livingroom-/studio-performance, the songs, the kind person she is, the whole entourage on Zoom, and being together with kindred spirits. I stayed awake until early morning 4:00 am, when it started for me and it was absolutely worthwhile. Also Heng Sure's song and guitar play at the end made a great impression on me and I wrote down some words of the song: 'I repent and I vow to change entirely'.

I was touched by all of it and also moved to tears. It was 3am when it started for me and so I left at 4am (as I needed to be safe to drive teenagers to school) and was so grateful to be able to watch what I missed today ... I love the generosity of spirit of so many and the enabling and empowering for different people from different cultures and traditions to come together to share and be - the world needs so much more of this and thank you so very much for creating this space ... loved the owl song -- I needed it ... deeply touched that we were meeting peacefully, prayerfully at the time that Ukraine was being invaded. We are the love energy responding. ... Carrie’s comfort and openness ... Carrie's music, the community that has been sharing reflections during the week, the fact that it took place on a night that I badly needed hope, and a sense of commonality with a larger community made the event even more powerful. 

I was touched by ... so many things: all of the smiling faces, the singing muted voices as everyone joined Carrie in sharing her messages of hope and love, the inspiring poetry from podmates, Parker Palmer honoring his dear friend, Carrie and her abundant generosity of spirit in words and music and daily living, Heng Sure and his beautiful tears and a tissue for Carrie and his closing hope for humanity ... so much love being poured into our wounded world.


A key learning for me was that ...

Songs can make such a change inside people ... I can learn to be comfortable with uncertainty ... that songs can make such a change inside people ... that i need to learn toward the light ... that teachers have hearts like warm butter ... that a real space of spiritual connection is possible in a large group zoom across the world ... persistence, that we shall trust and persist in our Hope day and night, knowing that this - in itself - helps heal the world ... Carrie's music opens my heart centers ... that we need to tackle the hard things head on and grow from them ... that we can connect over a small and intimate scene (if scene's the correct word) ...  the commonalities across our faiths and heartknowings. ... the diversity of the group ... the story of walking across California in silence and bowing to the earth on every third step. Such a beautiful act of service and reverence for our home, our shared home ... what is possible online ... every day can be a rebirth, each day or moment can lead to a new story, a new truer you.

A key learning for me was that poetry and music have profound healing qualities that multiplied in ginormous presence ripples out into the world. This is not new to me but the Pod allowed me to feel, to emote, at a level that surpassed understanding at a time when my heart ached - and continues to ache for the people of Ukraine which borders where my grandparents, both sets, had to flee because of the Russian pogroms. 

... these are my people. Sometimes I wonder where or with whom I belong, and these folks could be people I could continue to resonate with. 

...perhaps for of a re-affirmation that I am not alone, that hope can make things happen, that ripples from even one drop abound, and that music and creative expressions really do make a difference. 

What I'm still sitting with is ...

how beautiful it is to be gentle and how I wish I can be as gentle always ... the lovely poetry ... amazing Power that each of us have individually, and how this power can be shared and reach others naturally, with Ease and Joy ... that I have always been okay ...  the sadness I feel for the suffering in Ukraine ... that I am okay to be feeling the tears be it for joy or for sadness -- it's as natural as peeing as a teacher of mine often said and I didn't get it then! ... so many words and phrases from Carrie’s songs ... how to create similar spaces local to where I live ... holding Peace large enough to encircle the World ... how to nurture myself like this more often ... the lyrics from Room at the Table ... gratitude for the introduction to this innovative platform for building significant community! ... the awe of the gift of music & compassionate creativity  ... that listening for the urgings of Spirit to stretch myself and show more of myself in what/how I share ... wondering about the power I have within 3 feet ...  the generosity of love and music and how it absolutely transforms. 

What I'm still sitting with is the grace of community late at night the first day of the war, of the realizing of so many forebodings and brewings in shattered lives. It was a completely different experience than going to bed with only my senses of sorrow and powerlessness. I went to sleep in compassionate community. 

What I'm still sitting with is just how magical the ServiceSpace offerings are - how this huge community from different time zones comes together in one mind and heart... It's like the spiritual truths in action and how! All the offerings continuously remind me of a tapestry of interconnectedness, emergence, hope and strength. I'm sitting with deep gratitude and immense appreciation for each one of the volunteers, holders and co-creators of space and each and every participant... 

What I'm still sitting with is the enormity of compassion, the effort of the volunteers, the lyrics, poetry, the deep connection Carrie felt to us and we with her. I value seeing familiar faces from other pods and paying attention to new voices, and hearing the respect Parker Palmer and Carrie Newcomer have for ServiceSpace. "If hearts can create war, hearts can create peace." I valued meeting Heng Sure and hearing about his 1970s experience.

Thank you to everyone for offering an event so needed in this difficult moment. May those vibrations be carried into Ukraine and Russia and every place on the planet in need of healing.

What I'm still sitting with is ... the wonder of how all this came together this week. It's my first experience being active with a Pod, and I'm in awe of its organization and beauty ... coming together in community always makes for a more meaningful experience ... my next chapter ... how to keep the ripples moving in my life

This was such a beautiful moment! Deepest gratitude, deepest gratitude. 

A key learning for me was the power of being together and sending love and light. I was feeling so distraught about the day's events (I am Ukrainian) that I had been unable to do anything all day. This conversation with Carrie Newcomer was transformative for me.

Thank you, all.

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