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Thank you for an inspirational and moving call today!  It's hard to believe that we're just on Week 1 on our 21-day Interfaith Compassion Challenge. Weaving the thread from Paulette's opening meditation to reflections from Argiris and Becca, Reverend Charles Gibbs buoyed us with his sacred encounters and poems. As we engaged in small breakouts around our interfaith moments, our sacred field deepened with our personal stories. To close out the call, Venerable Karma Lekshe and Geshe La -- reconnecting on our call after being college mates decades ago! -- invited us in their lineage, as revered monks offered a powerful evocation of Great Compassion, live from a 3000-person monastery in India! For so many of us who shed tears, we were left with a sense of inexplicable grace.

Sheila: "During the beautiful encounter with the Monks today, I just felt one with the Universe. Thank you so so much. A beautiful moment in another time and space but yet in the here and now.

Chris: "I dropped in to a level of stillness that I had forgotten. Man, that was freaking cool -- getting to watch Tibetan monks from India chant and learn about their science program. It’s hard to not smile at the amazingness."

Sarani: "I just got off the Zoom call. I am hearing my heart sing, really vibrate with light and love. The monks offering was truly amazing and uplifting. Thank you and gratitude to all the presenters, my fellow break out room participants and all of you sharing these daily reflections in our pod. I don't respond everyday with comments nor do I comment on every post. But I glean wisdom from all. I read everyone's reflections and learn from all of you. I have read all of the comments on my reflections and appreciate the generosity there as well. Just really feeling love and light."

Below are the clips from guest speakers: 

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