Laddership Volunteers


It's humbling to see how emergence evokes a deep sense of gratitude. In response to one of the Laddership prompts, a young participant reflected on an experience of being scammed. Offering a few encouraging words as a comment, Shaheen recalled how her brother had captured Kanti-Dada's precious song: Life is a Game.

In just five minutes of hearing the song, Linh grabbed her guitar and out came this song: "Honestly, I don't know where it came from. I sense it is Kanti-Dada's spirit playing through me."

Kanti-Dada indeed has quite a spirit. He was a sculptor, a seeker, and keeper of the quiet smiles. When asked, "How do you know when a piece is complete?" he would effortless respond: "When I know that I haven't done it."

True to that ethos, no authorship or signature can be found on any of his works of art. Even his statue of Gandhi in New York City's Union Square bears no mention of him. Just a few years, he passed away in a state of deep peace.

Below is Linh's live offering during our closing call -- around midnight in Vietnam!

P.S. A short while after, someone anonynously gifted a sum of money to the podmate who had been scammed -- the same amount he had originally lost. Sometimes, one can't help but feel disarmingly grateful for the unpredictable flow of the universe. Life is a game, indeed. :)

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