Youth Circle: My World

You are invited to our Youth Circle's afternoon of kindness, connection and reflection (in Ghatkopar East)!

As youth, our journey of following our aspirations involves a relationship with the outside world : Is this world a friend or an obstacle? Starting at 2 PM, during the first couple of hours, we will step out of the home venue (and our comfort zones), to reach out to whom we normally call strangers - through smiles, conversations, and small acts of kindness. Is the universe a friendly place or a scary place? We will take time to find out each of our own responses, through an afternoon of practice! Along the way, we will learn to process how others respond and how our own hearts are affected by what happens.

Following that, after some refreshments, from 4:30PM to 6PM, we'll come together for a circle of sharing with new-found friends and share stories!  Sometimes we're amazed by the similarity of our experiences, and sometimes we're equally surprised by its profound uniqueness. Yet, in both cases, it makes for great inspiration…and memories!

For this closing circle, we will also be joined by a special guest listener, Nipun Mehta, who learned generosity from those who had the least.

This circle is intended for youth (age 13 to 21 years). To join us from 2PM to 6PM, please RSVP below and you'll be emailed all the details.

Looking forward to hatching some kindness mischief together. :)