Gandhi 3.0: Stories of Soul Force
In January 2023, over fifty love warriors from more than a dozen countries are coming together (in-person!) for a unique "Gandhi 3.0" convergence. While the retreat is designed to be an intimate dialogue to rekindle Gandhian values in a modern context, we couldn't resist sharing the inspiration and opening two of the nights, 13th and 14th January for our extended family and friends, like you! 

You're cordially invited to two community evenings on 13th and 14th January in Ahmedabad. Among our intimate group of friends will be world-renowned author Gary Zukav, Nobel Peace Laureate Jerry White, Hollywood actress Stephanie Nash, President Obama's general counsel Preeta Bansal, spiritual elders like Isira from Australia, founder of a political party in Austria, social entrepreneurs from Brazil and Japan, a farmer from Vietnam, investment bankers from the US and more including soul-stirring musicians! All trying to step up their love. And all in alignment with our simple organizing principle: "We are not merely what we do, but who we become by what we do." 

The evening programs on both evenings, themed around 'Stories of Soul Force', will roughly flow in this format:
  • 4:00PM -- Welcome, Prayer, Introductions to Each Other
  • 5:30PM -- Dinner
  • 7:00PM -- Guest Speakers and Songs
  • 9:30PM -- Farewell Smiles
These events are in the evenings only. For those coming from out of town, we're happy to recommend local sites or attractions that can be nice to visit during the day. Uttarayan (Kite-Flying Festival) also falls during these days, and will be a festive time in Ahmedabad.

If you'd like to join, please RSVP below if:
  • You're able to join both community nights on 13th and 14th, in Ahmedabad
  • For those out of town, you're able to make your own local accommodations
Like all ServiceSpace and Moved By Love offerings, there is no cost for these evenings -- but to attend, registration below is required for each individual. (If someone is coming with you, please be sure to RSVP for them below or ask them to RSVP.)

Thank you for your resonance with our shared values! In this context, we honor listeners as much as the speakers, to co-create a sacred space that "deepcasts" (instead of broadcasts) the fullness of our collective maitri to all corners of the cosmos that nourish life. 

We look forward to seeing you!