Awakin Circle (Chennai) with Nipun Mehta

Awakin Circles bring together small groups of people in living rooms around the world. It started when three friends got together in an ordinary living room -- to sit in silence together, share personal aha-moments and have a meal together.  It was rooted in a simple principle: when you change within, the world changes. More than 26 years later, such circles have now organically rippled to 80+ cities around the globe, including Vienna.

On December 6th, we're delighted to host a circle [in Chennai], with Nipun Mehta (who initiated the first Awakin Circle!).  We look forward to co-creating a space of silence and stories together!

Flow for our time together:

6:00pm - Meditation

7:00pm - Stories and inspiration from Nipun and the circle around this beautiful parable Remembering Our Song ...

Reflection questions: How do you relate to the notion of a "noble friend" being someone who knows your song and sings it to you when you have forgotten it? Can you share a personal story of a time someone reminded you of your song? What helps you see beyond the mistakes of others and connect with their song instead?

8:30pm -- Dinner, hugs, and smiles!

You're all invited to join us! 

About Nipun: At the age of 25, Nipun Mehta quit his job to become a "full time volunteer." Initially, he embarked on a small experiment called ServiceSpace, to integrate inner transformation and outer service; much to his surprise, though, the ripples spread world-wide and even received appreciation from the likes of Dalai Lama and President Obama. Many moons later, he continues to play boldly -- whether it is with the most cutting-edge AI innovations or a profound walking pilgrimage across India with practically nothing. Still, his life's mission statement stays rather simple: "Bring smiles in the world and stillness in my heart." 

In his true spirit, Nipun recently met a budding filmmaker in an elevator who asked him for an interview. He agreed, and it led to this beautiful clip on 'What Can You Give When You Don't Have Anything?": 

We look forward to sharing a contemplative space of reflection, and planting seeds for co-creating more goodness in the world. To join, simply RSVP below and you'll be emailed the details.