When Grace Met the Dalai Lama

Audrey Lin, Sep 16, 2021 in Laddership Sep 2021

Dear Podmates,

We had a wonderful Pod Room with Grace, prior to which the filmmakers gifted their film to our Pod for a few days (you can still watch it here for a day or two).

In our Pod Room, we have a lively Q&A that ended with Shravan asking Grace about her encouter with the Dalai Lama. We've clipped it out, since many of you might enjoy it: 

Below are Claudia's reflections that she shared after watching the film ...

I'm grateful that Grace has that amazing spirit to keep moving forward and the capacity to say yes to what life brough to her all along, and I don't mean only after the accident, but also before. All her life is an amazing tapestry of saying yes and opening her heart more and more! And it makes me feel so grateful to have people like Grace in this world and it has been an honor to have met her on this pod.

My highlights were too many! If I try to think about one, would be the moment in which she is in the car and shared her vulnerability, and told Fu (I think) how   she felt like as she has lost a good friend, her body, and how she knew she should grieve, but kept herself busy, because she didn't want to have time to grieve....That touched my heart deeply, and made me feel a huge wave of compassion and love for Grace. Being so open, and so generous as to share that with everyone watching this film. I felt that could help so many people who are going through a recovery process.

Other highlight was when they decided to adopt Sabrina, and Grace thought that if Sabrina would simply be able to enjoy the sun and the grass, then Grace would feel her life had a meaning. That was so simple and so filled with love.

What I'm still thinking about is, everything :D The film touched my heart on so many levels: the relationship between Grace anf Fu, the relationships with her patients with Aids, her willingness to say yes to life, when they decided to adopt Sabrina and all the process of Sabrina growoing up, the accident, the many surgeries,  the blessing that Grace felt when she woke up again, the pain, all her efforts to get better, the grieving process, the willingness to finally let go of her old self and embracing her new possibilities, going back to her work, Sabrina's graduation ceremony, and the ending note that was so full of a deep sense of hope....My heart is still filled with love.

Grace, I hope you read this, because I wanted to thank you, your family and the filmmakers for such a beautiful tribute to love and resilience. I feel everyone should watch the film!

Thanks for co-creating such a rich field that can honor, hold and elevate such sacred stories among us.

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