Video: Never All That Far

Meghna Banker, Feb 26, 2022 in Mystical Music Pod

A few days ago, while brainstorming about the concert with Carrie, some of the volunteers commented on how profound the podmate sharing has been and wondered if we could do something to say thank-you, to perhaps even mirror the whole to itself? Fast forward a day, and volunteers leafed through hundreds of pages of podmate reflections to identify various phrases, Carrie miraculously whipped it up into a gorgeous song, and the graphics crew expanded it into a stunning video that we all saw on the closing call.  Exactly how all this happens at the pace of love is beyond me, but I revel in the awe that it leaves me with. Thank you, all, for your wisdom!

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Never All That Far

Verse: The sparkle in a pen about to write
There is awe in a wooden bowl
There’s a tea cup full of shining light 
That eases my longing soul

Verse: There is wonder in a wool blanket
There’s magic in a rocking chair
There’s lighting living in the lamp
And I think it was always there
I think it was always there

Chorus:  There’s clouds in the pasta water
I'm inspired by the honey jar
I keep stumbling onto beauty 
That was never all that that far, 
That was never all that far. 

Verse:  Its all complete ordinary
And yet its all a mystery
I'm letting go of my fixed script
And joining the harmony

Verse: There’s a moving sky above me
And beauty in the sound
That come ups from a grateful heart
And when I kneel to touch the ground
And when I kneel to touch the ground

Verse: There the noise of the world around us
And it always makes curfews
But there is music of the spirit
And it lives inside of you

So let us ease into the silence
And when the open space expands
I’ll be smiling and I’ll be singing
And we'll all be holding hands
And we'll all be holding hands

Chorus:  By The Mystical Music Pod

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