Huddled Like Fireflies

Monica Samuel, Dec 13, 2022 in Karma Yog

Dear Friends, 

It was such a blessing to share space with you all. As some friends requested, I am delighted to share the poem that flowed through me, here again. 

A chilly night, in blue lamp light
we sit huddled like fireflies,
warm hugs and smiles
with questions now that draw from us 
our thoughts so deep ...

And from there rise these common threads
that reverbrate in shared regrets,
love, happiness, discovery, fear,
but most of all a hope so clear.

And in the midst of many hearts
that join in now to celebrate
come many hands that make a chain
to ring in all goodwill to take.

On nature walks, the blind leads blind
connecting beings of all kind
collecting trash or sitting still
grandfather & grandmother with.

A dance of joy, union of minds,
with love for him, and not his crime,
and broken tiles that fit so well
the perfect ones more hard to sell.

And sharing food with strangers till
breaking the doubt for bonds to build.
And sitting at the potters mill, 
one heart did hear the other's beat 
the songs of joy, hymns of Divine.

Oh ... what music are we left behind!

Twelve questions did we get to test
our goals, ambitions, set to rest
for in the center of it all
was faith, compassion, love for all.

How much of in then does come out?
How much of out paves way back in?
And as we hold  each others hands
we walk each other to our home. 

And Angels flew and came to share
love stories and the strength they bear
to tell us to believe in love
dear ones, have courage, open to faith.

River of gratitude, it flows,
inviting our surrender more.

Around us all are hugs and cheers
Some tear drops too of fallen fears
And shedding worrying questions here
for answers new
this place has made a space in you.

And with willing hands of ours we built
tall bridges from one heart to heart
with souls that seemed so pulled by love
from all the corners of the world
to be here now so moved by love
to open up our many hearts, 
and pour in some and pour out love.

Like starlings in the sunset sky,
are we too on some path to fly? 
Are we too on some path to fly?
Are we too on some path to fly?

So very grateful to all for co-creating this space, where we all can learn to fly again and learn to sing our song again. 


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