Fishes & Forgiveness: The Ocean of Love

Swara Pandya, Dec 13, 2022 in Karma Yog

It is rare to find yourself in a space of loud laughters followed by quiet tears. Yet, it feels like all of us had so many such moments with Sr Lucy couple days ago. These are very deep things, yet the way she speaks about it effortlessly (or rather, lives it effortlessly) was a sacred reminder of this curious paradox of suffering and joy. That our joy doesn't blossom *inspite* of suffering, but like a lotus, only arises in the presence of suffering - where the suffering of the world ignites the compassion in our hearts. 

Very grateful to be in this sacred emergence with you all in the field of blessings with Sr. Lucy. Delighted to share a recording of the conversation for us to jump into the waters again. :)  

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