In Sweden: AI + Heart Intelligence

Nipun Mehta, Oct 16, 2023 in Service Fellows

Last week, we were invited to offer our vision to several thousand changemakers at a global Inner Development Goals Summit in Sweden. Below is the plenary on "AI + Heart Intelligence" from the ServiceSpace lens ... it felt like people were starving for such a narrative!

The next day, I also offered a longer workshop which articulated a bit more ... and some people came up to me and said, "I don't understand why I'm in tears listening to a talk on AI!" :) 


In particular, this image below expands the horizontal axis of AI innovation with smart datasets, alongside a vertical axis of service opportunities and peer-learning engagement. Our "many to many" design thinking permeates all four quadrants -- crowd-sourcing of front-ends (go Rick!), data-sharing across vertical bots (tons of backend work by Manu, Sheel and Tapan), platforms like Pods (Marilyn just anchored 2000-person Interfaith Pod!) and Awakin Circles that enable peer learning and discovery, and small service-opportunities trigger inner transformation that expand me-to-me connections into a more we-to-we community of noble kinship.  

We're also intending to launch a "decelerator" later this year.  Where accelerators and incubators speed up short-term manifestation, perhaps decelerators add friction to the narrow-margin goals ("move fast and break things") and til the soil of broader-margin goals (like wisdom).  This first draft (and second draft -- thanks Preeta!) gives some insight into how we might let a "thousand flowers bloom". More to follow. 

For more context, our AI + Wisdom site has the latest, where you can experiment with some of the bots -- including some meta context around on AI + inner transformation.

Grateful to be co-creating together! 

If you'd like to join a similar circle, please explore upcoming pods.