Time to Rise (Gandhi 3.0) Poem With Music

Paul Livingstone, Jan 28, 2024 in Gandhi 3.0, 2024

Hey everyone, feeling so amazed about our whole time together at ESI, Sabarmati Ashram and so much more.  So glad we have this portal to share and continue our collective journey.  

I recorded Lucy reciting her Gandhi 3.0 poem at the last minute and put some of my new music together to  it. We wanted to offer this in gratitude to all the heartivists who brought their love to this transformative time.

You can listen (and download) on my blog -- and also raga meditation music for those who want to hear more.

It was a joy to share this passion for healing music with you all those mornings in Hriday Kunge and the meditation hut.

If you'd like to join a similar circle, please explore upcoming pods.