KarunaNews: A Berlin Bus Gets Lifted With The Help Of 40 People To Free A Young Man Pinned By A Rear Wheel

"Moonshot Pirates" has a youth challenge across 150 countries. The winning groups get a trip to the Silicon Valley! On that visit, their last stop? The Awakin Circle home in Santa Clara. Here's the group founder, Marko Londa, sharing on LinkedIn: 

In a week dominated by conversations about AI, tech, entrepreneurship, and moonshots, the most memorable one was about love and compassion.

With everything we do and every company we launch, we must aim to contribute to society. Approach life with love. That’s the real moonshot.

Thank you, ServiceSpace, for inspiring and sharing this important lesson.

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KarunaNews: He Visited Every Country Without Flying.

Are human beings fundamentally good or fundamentally bad? Are people mostly generous, or are they mostly selfish?

In today's NY Times: People Are More Generous Than You Think

In any given experiment, he reported, about 30 percent of the people do, indeed, behave selfishly. But, he continued, “fully half of all people systematically, significantly and predictably behave cooperatively."

"The point is, across a wide range of experiments, in widely diverse populations, one finding stands out: In practically no human society examined under controlled conditions have the majority of people consistently behaved selfishly."

Humanity hasn’t thrived all these centuries because we’re ruthlessly selfish; we’ve thrived because we’re really good at cooperation.

So inspiring to hear about our "Moved by Love" youth retreats in Vietnam!

KarunaNews: Paris Is Undergoing A Water Revolution

Today's DailyGood: A Zen Life: DT Suzuki

Daisetsu Teitaro Suzuki (1870~1966) was a prolific Japanese-American philosopher, writer and translator. He is considered by many to be Zen's unofficial "apostle to the West." He traveled and lectured extensively, interacting with diverse audiences and some of the most brilliant and creative minds of the age, among them Carl Jung, Martin Heidegger, Alan Watts, Thomas Merton, John Cage, and Gary Snyder. He is the author of more than 30 books, including, "An Introduction to Zen Buddhism. A ZEN LIFE is a documentary feature on this extraordinary man. Watch it here. [Read more ...]

Today's DailyGood: The 8 Kinds of Humility to Help You Stay Grounded

"I'm wary of those who counsel deferential or pious humility to contain and admonish those who have strong opinions and perspectives. For example, the stereotype of humble Asians and Asian Americans acts to silence important messages that are quite critical to our time of change and distress. To be bold and not "humble" per se risks being called "arrogant" or "difficult to deal with." I think it's possible to be both brave and humble, but it requires constant internal and interpersonal work, and risks rupturing or distressing relationships. That perspective keeps me grounded even when I express myself and my concerns for marginalized peoples quite strongly. In that way, a sense of responsibility and allyship fuels both bravery and many forms of humility. Here's an overview of eight varieties of humility--and of all the ways they can keep us grounded even in the face of injustices." Psychiatrist Ravi Chandra shares more in this post. [Read more ...]

KarunaNews: The Faroe Islands Is Doing Tourism On Its Own Terms

KarunaNews: Rescue Center Boosts Survival For Stranded Dolphins On Cape Cod

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