NGO Retreat (Mumbai): Leadership to Laddership

Founders and senior leaders from 45 NGOs gathered at a special retreat in Parel East, Mumbai last fall. These change-makers came together to explore the transformative shifts of moving from leadership to laddership. Diving deep into ServiceSpace values, they considered such ideas as:

  • Broad Margin Goals Vs Narrow Margin Goals – How can we move from short-term thinking to long-term thinking and from the ‘Me’ to ‘We’.

  • Value Of Context Vs Value Of Content – Asking ourselves not “what” we are doing but “how” we are doing it.

  • Designing For Social Permaculture – Moving from ‘transaction’ to ‘building connections and community’.

  • From Leadership To Laddership – How do we support and nurture an entire team to grow through Inner Transformation.

  • Deepcasting in a Broadcast World – How diving deeper and amplifying the good is more effective.

You can read more about this special retreat here -- or watch some inspiring video clips here.

Whitehorse Residents Shovel Snow For Those Who Can't

Snow can be magic until you have to shovel it. That's why some Whitehorse, Yukon residents are offering to shovel driveways, porches, and sidewalks for elders, pregnant people, or residents living with health issues for free.

"We just wanted to embark on this journey of serving," said Israr Ahmed. "It's grounded in our Islamic tradition which is to care about your neighbours. 

Read the full story of the generous volunteer shovelers here.

A Tea Vendor is Changing Lives

A tea stall vendor in Uttar Pradesh, India is sharing his knowledge and kindness to help hundreds of villagers access benefits while being an extraordinary agent of justice and love. Enjoy the uplifting video below, created by a KindSpring member, to see how.

Care in Action in Bhutan

In Bhutan, people gather in Thimphu for a weekly Awakin Circle to "deepen in friendship and community, inner work and contemplation, and skillful service and external action". (Read more about Awakin Circles here: 

Watch the video below to see care in action through paradigmatic shifts at a Thimphu high school.

66 Stories of Good in 2023

An organization recently published an article with dozens of uplifting news stories you may not have seen this year. The stories provide a counter balance to the news we often hear about what's wrong with the world by sharing pivotal advances that have been made around the world in health, social and economic justice, conservation and so much more. 

Turning our attention to what's good isn't meant to minimize or ignore the suffering in our world, but perhaps it will expand our collective view of the good that's possible, and create positive ripples we can ride into the new year.

Read all 66 stories here.

Wyoming Woman Creates Hundreds Of Personalized Snowmen For Town

In Burlington, Wyoming, a small town of just over 300 residents, Pauline Parker began creating a snowperson for each of the town's 300+ residents in July. 

Read the full story of how joy and belonging are nurtured
here .

In 2016, Preeta Bansal shared an informal talk on the "intersection between love and power" during a ServiceSpace retreat. Throughout the talk, Preeta explores how external systems and outer conditions can support or constrain inner work.

"In this ecosystem, we focus so much on leading with inner transformation and the ripples that follow from small acts, and so I want to explore that 'ripples-based' Gandhian model of change in the context of our broader systems operating socially, and the relationship between systems and inner transformation. [...] Should we keep focusing on the circles and ever-widening ripples, or do we at some point also have to worry about the design of the square [hierarchical systems and institutions] which may constrain and hold in those ripples?"

Read the full transcript of Preeta's thought-inspiring talk here.

A Tradition That Keeps Christmas Trees Alive, Literally

Read the full story of this sustainable Christmas Tree tradition here.

In India, leaders from various walks of life (and countries like Vietnam and Dubai!) came together for a 4-day "Laddership" retreat. Saee echoed what many felt, "The whole experience has moved me beyond words. I could actually experience 'Law of Love' working for the last whole week after returning home. I saw people around me differently, as a whole, and not just through the lens of my expectations. My response to everyone around me was changed, with family, on emails, on messages. I was feeling connected with some warmth in my heart continuously. I was engaging with day to day challenges but not worried about it, and that allowed me to a ladder for all kinds of unexpected possibilities."

On the last day of the retreat was this video: Lead Like Great Conductors

It had everyone in splits! Laddership in action. :)

To join a virtual version of this retreat, check out February Laddership Pod

Jeffrey Mishlove was the host of a popular series called, "New Thinking Allowed". He is the author of "The Roots of Consciousness," "Psi Development Systems," and "The PK Man." He is the recipient of the only doctoral diploma in the world from an accredited university that says, "Parapsychology." It was awarded from the University of California, Berkeley, in 1980. He is also the Grand Prize winner of the Bigelow Institute essay competition regarding postmortem survival of human consciousness.

Why are we sharing this? Because he has just hosted his bot on our platform. 

Check it out:

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