Next Awakin Teens Gathering: Berkeley

In the coattails of our "Awakin Teens & Family Service Day" on Monday, Nov. 11, we're looking forward to spilling forward the goodness in more future gatherings and activities.

On Saturday, Dec. 21, we will gather in Berkeley at the Berkeley Buddhist Monastery with mentors Tim, Vishesh, and Jin Wei Shr.

Flow for the day will be:
8:30-8:45 Arrival activities(Tea, Xmas Smile Cards, Signs Stations)
9am: Opening Circle 
9:15-11am : Teen activities in Berkeley (Police Stn, Farmers Market, Park, Bart Stn w/Tim/Vishesh/Jin Wei Shr)
9:20am: Parents help in the kitchen/dining hall to set up for lunch
11am: Lunch at Berkeley Buddhist Monastery
12:15-2pm: Teen Circle (Mindfulness/Relaxation Practices/Discussions)
12:20pm: Parents help clean up lunch. 
2pm: Closing and Goodbye Hugs

If you'd like to join this Awakin Teens gathering, please RSVP below!