Virtual Dialogue: Heart of Service in Uncertain Times
Coronavirus is uprooting the fabric of our lives. How does a heart of service respond to an unknown cause, how do we build resilience when we can't be physically together, and how do we amplify lotus in the mud?

On Tuesday, March 17 @8:30PM PST, a few ServiceSpace volunteers are coming together in a video conference call to explore just that. And you're invited! We anticipate to hear diverse perspectives from seasoned doctors (UCSF Doctor-poet Sri, author-surgeon Bill Stewart), disaster resiliency shapers (Bijan Kazai), educators (Prof Clair Brown), and community builders (interfaith minister Bonnie Rose) and our neighborhood monk Rev Heng Sure -- as well as dialogue in small groups, and see what our collective wisdom surfaces. To join us, RSVP below and you'll be emailed the details.

Uncertain times raise significant questions that can shape our future. Carbon emissions have dropped dramatically, but xenophobia is rising. Government surveillance is increasing, while global scientist cooperation is going up. Nursing homes are being evacuated, only to bring elders home to their families. Shopping malls are empty, but family meals are on the rise. Awakening of compassion is pervasive, but the inequality of human suffering is evident. "Social distancing" is a trending phrase, but in Italy neighbors lean out of their windows to sing songs together. Borders are still present, but the boundaries of our shared humanity are getting blurry. Yes, undercurrents of fear are everywhere, but so are prayers. Jack Kornfield recently shared, "The virus isn't happening to us; it's happening for us." As we revise our collective narrative, we are invited to step into our highest aspirations and serve this inflection point in history.

Across our ecosystem, we are steeped in tech and innovation, medicine and public health, education and communities, arts and more. In this pandemic, we're united in our question of how to respond with wisdom, a heart of service, and a mind towards awakening. We hope to begin that dialogue on this call, and see where it leads -- both in practical applications and our shared consciousness.

If you'd like to join (or wish to hear the recording), RSVP below, and we'll send details as we get closer.