Responding To Emergence, Designing For Uncertainty
Most of us are aware of how the ServiceSpace ecosystem responded to the pandemic:

The virus is teaching us how it spreads via: (a) our external connections to others, (b) our internal immunity, and (c) the contagious factor of the pathogen (often known as R-nought value). ServiceSpace, through its various inner and outer platforms, does the opposite: (a) boosts our external connections, (b) lowers our immunity (resistance) to the signals of the heart, and (c) inserts drops of virtue (with high R-naught factors) into the network.

More fundamentally, a pandemic reminds us that everything is connected. And in a many-to-many wayYet, while a virus inspires us to cooperate to preserve our Self, can such action emerge while dissolving the Self? That's at the core of the ServiceSpace inquiry. Covid-19 is surely contagious, but our hypothesis is that compassion is even more contagious. Such times of collective suffering make virtue visible, and even if the light stays on momentarily, we can't unsee the good that we saw.

The question now is how do we keep adapting to serve the needs of the hour?

Few ServiceSpace anchors are having a visioning call to share ideas, inspiration, and next steps, on Sunday, April 26th @9AM PDT (convert timezone).

If you'd like to join in, please RSVP here and you'll hear back from us shortly.