The Power of Questions: A Circle with John Malloy
For half a century, elder John Malloy has worked with the ancient technology of the circle. Holding space for him has been a powerful tool for transformative work with people of diverse backgrounds and ages, many of whom are in extremely vulnerable situations, and have experienced profound challenges and loss in their lives. The alchemy of these circles is difficult to describe. John combines deep preparation, presence, and perception in a way that spurs metamorphic participation.

The power of questions is one of the pillars of his approach. Over the decades he has fine-tuned an innate gift for framing inquiries that by-pass the unhelpful habits and tendencies of our mind and land directly at the core of our human experience. Within a context that includes ceremony, in-person sharing, journaling and more, John offers potent questions that serve as catalysts for self-awareness and reflection. How he frames these questions, offers them into the circle, and then models skillful "response-abililty" are questions many of us are keen to explore. We know there is much that budding space holders as well as veteran circle anchors and interview facilitators can learn from being in dialog around his process-less process :)

If you are able and interested in joining us for this special dialog, RSVP here and more details will be sent to you shortly.