Interns Give SpiriTed Talks!

On Monday, August, 10th @5PM PDT (for 90 minutes), we are delighted to celebrate our interns' completion of the Summer Internship with their final "SpiriTed Talks"!

Over seven weeks, our seven 14-17 year-old interns along with 7 mentors, have convened for a summer in deepening in service, kindness, and inner transformation.

Apart from the usual homework, Mika and Frances self-initiated a 9-day vegan challenge. After interviewing folks like Melissa Stephens, Janessa Wilder, Sallyann, and Monk Who Went to Stanford, Sonya and Leela paired up to start a YouthSpeaks podcast. Every day, we do a unique act of kindness, and at the end of the week, Frances weaves it into a stunning poem! On top of that, they've embarked on personal service projects as well -- from Lena sewing face masks to Anha's peace stones, to Mika's gratitude letter project, to Tanvi recording audio files of KarunaVirus stories for the hearing-impaired. It's been a transformative summer, to say the least.

To cap off the remarkable journey, each intern is presenting a "SpiriTed Talk" for our final call on Monday, August 10th. They will each give an 8-minute talk about a core value in their life.

If you are reading this, you are someone who has nurtured their internship experience as a guest speaker or broader support, and we would love to extend an invitation for you to join us as we cheer them on! :)

If you're able to join our 90-minute call, do RSVP below and we'll send dial-in details as we get closer.