Upcoming Teen Awakin Calls

As part of our teenage summer internship, are were delighted to pilot a Teen Awakin Calls series, that is continuing on into the school year!

Like regular Awakin Calls, these 90-minute conversations are a space to dialogue with changemakers about their journeys in service and inner transformation. Teen Awakin Calls are hosted by teens, and offer a dynamic conversation from a youth lens. 

In the spirit of service and generosity, they are completely volunteer-run, ad-free, and available at no charge. Here's some highlights from our with special guest and remarkable educator, Melissa Stephens!

Our next call is with Maggie Kane, founder of pay-what-you-can restaurant, A Place at the Table!

As we finalizing the time -- if you'd like to be notified about it, or upcoming Teen Awakin Calls, RSVP below and we'll keep you posted!        

-Lena and Tanvi