Love Signs for Fran and Family
On our call earlier today, we held stillness and closed with a Persian prayer for Fran's mom, who was in her last hours of life.  A few hours later, Fran's mother passed away.

As we can see in so many of Fran's reflections, her heart holds no bounds. Someone recently joked, "airport giftivism, restaurant giftivism, pish-kesh giftivism, classroom giftivism, and most recently, flat tire giftivism -- Fran's life can all make a book titled, Giftivism: Just About Anywhere." We heartily agree. A dedicated professor, and loving mother, wife, daughter and community member -- it's not hard to be touched by Fran's overflowing spirit. And if you ask her for the secret, she humbly describes: "If the source of it is love, it’s like love; the more you give, the more you receive. Ever since then my relationship with wealth has changed. It’s not for accumulation, but it is for giving."

This made us wonder -- how can we send our love to Fran and her family, in times of social-distancing? Well, we need to look no further than our own Laddership Pod for an idea!

In her laddership canvas, we got a glimpse into Ruth's LOVE sign: "I have stood with a LOVE sign for two years, waving to passersby at the intersection of four roads in the center of our town, a visible and metaphorical representation of our meeting in love." And if you google Ruth, you'll actually find this story about it, with a smile-inducing photo:

If you would like to dedicate a "Love Sign" in honor of Fran's mother, we invite you to replicate or build on Ruth's idea -- whether it is holding a sign that encourages love and goodwill publicly, or posting up a message of positivity in your local neighborhood (or, in your background during a virtual meeting :)), or dedicating an act of kindness to Fran, or offering your goodwill invisibly by singing a prayer in your native language.

To join, please RSVP below and we'll send you the details to aggregate our stories/photos so it can send as a source of strength for the grieving family. 

"May the blessings of love be upon you; May its peace abide with you; May its essence illuminate your heart; Now and forever more." --Sufi Blessing