We Create Our Own Reality: Insights from a Plane Crash Survivor
Dear Friends,

We're delighted to invite you to an intimate circle with Pat Benincasa in conversation with Ellen Pavitt.

Thursday April 29th 10AM -11:30AM PDT

Ellen Pavitt in her own words: A lot of people complain about growing older, but I feel like I am one of the lucky ones;  we can’t take getting to the older years for granted. I am 64 years old now; six years ago I survived the crash of a small Cessna airplane I was a passenger in. I’ve been told that most people do not survive small plane crashes.

Maybe that first paragraph is a good summing up of one of the biggest things I have learned during these past six years. We really do create our own reality by the way we think and respond to everything. When I was newly injured, I remember telling my husband that I wanted to use this as an opportunity to grow spiritually and to become more loving. Interestingly, now, I don’t see these as two separate things! [...] 
Being paralyzed isn’t something I would ever have asked for but I am so very grateful and happy for all that I’ve learned.

Thursday's circle will afford the opportunity to hear reflections and insights from Ellen's courageous life journey. How does one not just survive but thrive after a life changing event? When our identity undergoes a radical change - what determines whether we lose ourselves or find ourselves? These are some of the themes that will be delved into. In conversation with Ellen will be Pat Benincasa....

More about Pat? She's a visual artist, a first-generation Italian-American and storytelling holds a compelling place in her DNA. She is also the host of "Fill to Capacity," a budding podcast series featuring conversations that veer off into the realm of life stories, insights, mistakes, joys and lessons learned and unlearned. Each episode ignites a spontaneous alchemy of shared experiences to reframe how we walk in uncertain times.

We look forward to the possibility of having you with us.