3-Steps-1-Bow for India and Surrounding Countries
This Friday, join us for an hour of bowing dedicated to India's devastating covid crisis as well as those of its surrounding countries.

When we bow, our hearts align with our heads and hands. This allows our hearts to open, our heads to settle, and our hands to embrace humility. Our bodies soften while our spirit connects to our deepest aspirations. Many of us also draw inspiration from Rev Heng Sure and Marty's multi-year three-steps, one-bow pilgrimage for peace within and without.

The current pandemic in India and its neighboring countries is heartbreaking with millions of people grieving loss of loved ones, illness, food insecurity and isolation. How do we hold our hearts amidst this unfolding painful experience? Can we come from a heart of compassion? When we bow, our hearts are placed higher than our heads. As immeasurable grief and anxiety wash over a nation and world wrestling with physical and mental health, who do we have to be to hold our hearts above our heads in daily life and, like the eye of the storm, bow tirelessly to a deeper coherence?

On Friday, May 28th at 7AM PDT (convert to your timezone) for one hour, we will gather to practice three-steps-one-bow with a guided compassion reflection. Each step becomes a wish to hold suffering with resilience; each bow a letting go and acceptance for what arises. Through this process, we invite ourselves to tune into a compassion balanced with wisdom and equanimity.

At the end, we will dedicate the merit of our practice to all those suffering from COVID in India and its neighboring countries, extending out to all living beings.

To join us, please RSVP below.