The Magnificent Broken- Redemptive Healing Through Words :A Circle With Leaf Seligman
Leaf Seligman is a storytelling changemaker. From her Tennessee childhood during the Jim Crow Era, where tent revivals and traveling oddity shows formed a powerful lens for Leaf to find connections and meaning in the deeper truths of our need to be listened to and belong. 
Author, minister, Tedx speaker, educator, and restorative justice practitioner, she has been teaching writing in jails, prisons, colleges, and community settings since 1985.
Her book: From the Midway: Unfolding Stories of Redemption and Belonging   explore questions like “How do we know ourselves? How can we be seen for who we truly are? How do we find redemption in a world that conspires to separate us?” 
Wednesday’s Circle will afford the opportunity to hear stories and insights from Leaf’s amazing life journey – from her Reformed Jewish upbringing to “itinerant preacher,” childhood loss and gender identity search to how she has found unabashed joy and connection through the power of words. In conversation with Leaf will be Pat Benincasa.

More about Pat? Pat Benincasa, visual artist + podcaster   is a first-generation Italian-American and storytelling holds a compelling place in her DNA. Her work has received national + international recognition.  In her podcast: "Fill To Capacity," Pat paints life stories with eye-opening conversations that ignite a spontaneous alchemy of shared expreriences to reframe how we walk in uncertain times. Meet everyday people with extraordinary stories!