Music Born From Life's Hidden Heartbeat: A Circle with Nils & Kira
Dear Friends,

We're delighted to invite you to an intimate 90-minute circle with luminous world musicians Nils Kercher and Kira Kaipainen on Sunday, December 12th!

About Nils & Kira: 
"The singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Nils Kercher blends inspiration from the social music of West Africa and the more introspective Nordic world. He and his Finnish partner, Kira Kaipainen, weave a unique musical tapestry with balafon, djembe and kora, a twenty-one stringed West African harp. Kira's soft voice blends with Nils' highly expressive, soaring vocals in songs and rhythms that are gently lyrical but pulsate with energy, are always heartfelt and seem to reach for a sacred space of sound that's rarely encountered."

In their daily lives, Nils and Kira have a natural way of attuning to the hidden heartbeat of life, and following it wherever it takes them. As you might imagine their lives have been full of unexpected twists and turns, serendipities and powerful connections! We invite you to embark with us on an intimate and personal journey into the vibrant world of these two remarkable musicians, as they share their presence, stories, inner reflections and music with us. 

If you'd like to join us, simply RSVP below and you will be sent login details a few days in advance of the circle.