Falling Through Our Stories: A Circle with Jolanda van den Berg
Dear Friends,

In October we held a quietly powerful circle with Jolanda van den Berg. Given the deep resonance and interest that was generated, we're thrilled to invite you to join another 90-minute Falling Through Our Stories Circle, on Friday Dec 17th, 2021!

The theme of this upcoming circle?
The Trouble with Trying to Be Good :)

Each of us plays certain roles in our lives. Many of us work very hard at these roles. Why do we think those roles are important, and where does our motivation to play these roles come from? Where do we sometimes find ourselves stuck in these roles? And -- how do we discover greater freedom and truly dance with life's creative possibilities?

Participants will have the chance to reflect on these questions  and share their responses ahead of time. As with the last gathering, there will be an opportunity for 1 or 2 participants to dialog with Jolanda during the circle around particular challenges or questions that are alive for them, while the rest of us hold space as silent witnesses. There will also be time at the close for shared reflections from the circle.

About Jolanda
Jolanda van den Berg is a mother, entrepreneur, community-weaver, and friend to the world, who lives in life's creative flow and inspires others to do the same. Over the last 25 years, the organization she founded, Ninos Unidos Peruanos Foundation—has transformed the lives of thousands of street children in Peru. Its work is supported by a series of boutique hotels that Jolanda runs in Cusco, staffed by community members and former students from the foundation.

A few years ago, a traumatic experience catalyzed a profound experience for Jolanda. It left her with a felt-sense of the illusion of a separate self, and drove home the reality that, "We are each other." Since then, while continuing to be engaged in her foundation and hotels, Jolanda has sat in hundreds of deep listening sessions with people, 1:1. During these sessions she tunes into their stories, and intuitively mirrors back to them places of stuckness, in ways that can facilitate access to greater possibility and freedom.

If you'd like to join the circle RSVP below. Please note, this circle will not be recorded. You will be emailed login details for the circle a few days in advance. 

We look forward to being in circle together!