Q&A with Ejna Fleury:
Indigenous Wisdom

Our "Sanctuary of the Heart" is delighted to host an intimate conversation with Ejna Fleury, a Native American elder, a mystical grandmother whose lap has offered graceful refuge to many wounded healers across multiple generations.

Join us to listen into stories about her rich personal journey, the wisdom of her elders in finding strength during challenging times, and practices that might replenish the sacred for Mother Earth! She will also be offering few chants and invocations, to collectively presence the divine into our shared space!

Ejna Fleury comes from the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe in South Dakota and is their first Tribal Peace Ambassador. She is the founder of the Sacred Earth Council, hosting a 4-year ceremonial cycle to heal multi-generational trauma within all of humankind. She founded Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee and the Wounded Knee Global Ceremonies with a pledge to end war and massacre. Ejna has been practicing meditation for more than 40 years, and is a certified meditation teacher and spiritual counselor.

Several years ago, she had a very powerful experience -- The Hogan Dream -- that has served as a guiding light for her work in the world:

We all stood up together and began walking clockwise around the campfire in a slow cadence. We began reaching up into the air above us, into the ethers with both hands and began reeling in spirit, reeling in light, reeling in the sparkling energy, reeling in sacred power and whoosh! Thrusting it downward toward the floor onto the earth and out into the room seeding spiritual force left and right, left and right. It was crackling and sparkling with energy. We kept circling, reaching up, reeling in more light, more blessings, more grace, more spirit and Whoosh! trusting it down to earth and out into the room around us. Around and around we went in this joyful way. It was very easy, so natural, so wonderful to do this; bring forth spirit and thrust it forth into the world.

Thank you for circling up around this sacred intention. Ejna adds, "As the butterfly and moth enter the chrysalis and cocoon, we need to enter this liminal space together as a planetary species. It is time for loving, humanitarian leadership to take hold in the sacred way we are all meant to live."

To join this intimate conversation, simply RSVP below and you'll be emailed the details for our virtual call.