One day Narmada Parikrama on 26th March:)
The sacred Narmada River is the only river with the tradition of being circumambulated, often known as Narmada Parikrama. It originates from  Amarkantak, flowing westwards, navigating around 1312 km before merging into the Arabian Sea near Bharuch.

The 'Chaitra' month in the Hindu calendar is when pilgrims circumambulate an 18km path starting from Mangrol (Rajpipla), where the river flows 'Northwards,' also called 'Uttarvahini Narmada Parikrama.

To join us for the walk, kindly RSVP by 23rd March, and we will share the details soon.  

On behalf of the Vadodara community,
Jaimit, Trilok, Dhwani, & many more