Sacred Day With the Redwoods
Dear Friends,

A few of us are coming together at Redwood Vihara Monastery in Boulder Creek, for some quality time with service-hearted friends. It will be hosted by Buddhist monk Jin Wei, and others from the local community.

Here's our overflow flow  ...
  • 10:30AM -- we'll arrive and get an overview of the monastery. Fun fact: few years ago, during a wildfire affecting a couple hundred thousand acres, the fire stopped right after the periphery of the building which is now home to the Buddha hall!

  • 11:00AM -- circle of introductions; among the 12-15 of us will be world-renowned author Gary Zukav;  a pioneer of "local living economies" and founder of Jubilee College in Mt. Shasta, Michelle Long; inspiring educators from LA, Fran and Reza, and from ServiceSpace Nipun and Guri Mehta.

  • 12:00PM -- vegetarian lunch, received in meditative silence after some pre-meal chants. All the food is lovingly made by volunteers and one-and-only Sandy! :)

  • 1:00PM -- casual hour-long hike to "Two Trees" (seen in photo below). Legend has it that these trees are home to some immortal beings!  Plus, the walk is a great immersion into this 500-acre redwood campus.

  • 3:00PM -- Chinese Tea! Plus circle of reflection on carrying forward the Boddhisattva spirit out in the world, which starts with  a virtual guest skyping in from Australia -- Rev. Heng Sure (one of the senior-most Western Buddhist monks alive!).

  • 4:30PM -- Dedication of Merit, Buddhist hugs (ie. bows) and goodbyes.

To join us, simply RSVP below and you'll be sent a follow-up email with the details.