Service Fellows Team!
ServiceSpace ecosystem is guided by a collective field of emergence. Every day, that field sees half a million people through its websites; post pandemic, offline circles and retreats continue to indirectly flow into tidal waves of compassion; and whether it is through peer learning platform in Pods or our latest ServiceSpaceGPT, innovation keeps manifesting at the speed of love. The fact that this entire machinery, for close to 25 years now, operates beyond the forces of 3 Ms (from money to multiple forms of wealth, from broadcast to deepcast, from leadership to laddership) is a testimony to the tremendous goodness that we're all collectively capable of.

If you are seeing this invite, it is because one of the coordinators of ServiceSpace felt that your presence, wisdom and kindness could be an invaluable blessing for the larger field of emergence. 

You are invited to join our new "Service Fellows" team! You were nominated because of one (or more) of these reasons:
  • Your service. This is the core pillar of ServiceSpace. Volunteering in our context generates inner and outer ripples, that continue ceaselessly.
  • Your laddership. Apart from feeling deeply drawn to cultivate Laddership values into your context, you are an ambassador for these values to spread into many other diverse ecosystems.
  • Your heart. Beyond the manifest gift, you find yourself blessing this experiment and humble love warriors, that it may keep the flame of creative love burning bright in the world.
As a Service Fellow, in addition to your other engagement with ServiceSpace projects, you would engage in:
  • weekly virtual interaction, via our "Service Fellows" feed. This includes sharing posts about new ideas or wisdom or just personal updates, and interacting with others' posts. On average, this should take about an hour per week.
  • quarterly Zoom calls. It's a chance to stay connected, interact and share more. Including pre and post engagement, we anticipate about 5 hours per call. (Our first call will be August 1st.)
  • annual in-person retreat. Join one of the many retreats (even though most are overbooked!) we host in so many different parts of the world, from Japan to US to UK to India and so many other places. It's a high-bandwidth way to till the collective soil. :)
This is a one-year commitment. At the end of the year, you'll receive a reflection form, with an option to either drop off the team or continue for another year.

Having said all that, you'll really be with some of the coolest people on the planet, having lots of fun while building noble friendships, and seeding some of the awe-inspiring ripples of love. Our joy will come from what Rilke describes as being, "bees of the invisible -- wildly collect the honey of the visible, to offer it to the great golden hive of the invisible."

If you'd like to join the Service Fellows team, please sign-up below and you'll get more details. (We've had our first inspiring call on August 1st, and aim to have a second one in early November.)