Week 2 Reunion
Take a bow -- you've made it over halfway through the Laddership Pod! To celebrate, we're convening for a spirited Week 2 Reunion call this Sunday, with some fun surprises (and guest speaker)!

This week, we're engaging a lot of rich and nuanced themes along the realm of "We" in the nuances of group synergy -- from growth (scale and speed) to networks (broadcast and deepcast), power (leadership and laddership), technology (AI and Heart Intelligence), and motivations (intrinsic and extrinsic)! Collectively, the remarkable stories and awe-inspiring responses are spilling forth into remarkable group emergence. While our intent isn't to arrive at conclusive answers, we hope that our exposure to each other can help refine the questions we ask and nuance the hypotheses that guide our actions and work in the world.

To cap our second week, you're invited to join a 90-minute virtual call with podmates. This is an opportunity to wave at each other, hear each other's live insights, interact, and explore our collective field of inquiry. We'll also hear from a special speaker, Stacey Lawson, who grew up in rural US with a father who was a truck driver, went to Harvard Business School, ran for US Congress, survived cancer, runs a B renewable energy fund, and spent 9 months of her life meditating deeper truths of life! You might recognize her as our podmate too. :) Her conversation will be moderated by Obama's first term General Counsel (also a podmate!), and we hear some fun surprises are in the works, too! :)

RSVP below to get the dial-in details.