Awakin East Coast: Gather, Meditate, Reflect
* Please note that we are currently at capacity, and any new RSVPs will be placed on a waitlist.

We are coming together for an opportunity to sit in silence/stillness and participate in some great sharing, activities and food!

If you haven't been, here's a recap of what the previous retreat felt like :)

Outline of Schedule:
9:30am - Arrival
10am - Sit in Silence/Meditation
11am - Welcome and Circle of Sharing
12pm – Group Reflection Activity, Lunch
1:30pm – Outdoor meditative activity
2:45pm - Sit in Silence/Meditation
3:15pm - Indoor/Writing Activity
4:30pm - Sit in Silence/Meditation
5:30pm - Closing remarks, setting intentions & final thoughts
6:30pm - Day complete

Extended Evening Program (Optional):
7:30pm - Additional guest speaker sharing (Nipun Mehta)
9:00pm - Evening program complete
We'll be in Princeton Junction, NJ and will send out details with the address to all RSVP'd guests, as we get closer.  We would also like to send a few questions before arrival so that discussions can be more in-depth, please do RSVP as soon as you can!

Full day for Adults
: If you would like to join, please do make sure you can be here for the full day's activities until at least the formal closing (arriving before 10am and staying until 6:30pm).  Additionally, please note that while we think these practices are for all, the facilities are such that we cannot accomodate children.

Transportation: For those coming from Boston, DC, Philly or NYC, and want to carpool, please email to coordinate.  To take the train from NYC, best option is to NJ Transit from Penn Station to Princeton Junction and we'll arrange for a pick-up at 9:30AM and drop-off around 6:30PM.
Offerings: If you feel moved to offer anything to the circle, you're welcome to do so.  We will have a 'kindness table' present where gifts can be offered to the collective.  The idea is to create a space for mutual gifting so everyone can grow on the journey of connection.  We all give, we all receive!  All that being said, the best way to give at these gatherings is to be fully present all day and hold space for the whole :)