Eye of the Whale: A Guided Exhibit with Whale Photographer Bryant Austin
Photographer Bryant Austin's journey began his journey began with a *literal* tap on the shoulder from a 40-ton whale -- and there was no looking back! His description of the experience of looking into the eye of the whale is akin to how astronauts describe looking at our planet from outer space. A profound, irrevocable sense of oneness, awe, and reverence. He has been photographing whales for many years now and his unusual technique involves waiting in the ocean for these magnificent creatures to approach him at close quarters. Stitching together scores of shots taken only a few feet away from the whales, he produces life-sized prints in stunningly high resolution.  Bryant currently has an exhibit of his extraordinary photos up at the Monterey Museum and has kindly offered to give us a guided tour and share more of his journey, experiences and insights from looking into the eye of the whale.