Conscious Leadership: Aligning Meaning and Values in Business
The workplace occupies a majority of our waking hours, yet there is often a misalignment between our jobs and our purpose. Beyond metrics-- like only 25% of employees are happily engaged with work, which costs $380B annually-- the ramifications extend into the personal, societal, and ecological spheres where the costs are beyond measure. The flow of money rewards bright minds that move into tech or Wall Street, but have we consciously decided that apps and hedge funds bring meaning, values, and clarity to the challenges we face individually and collectively, or have we narrowed our spectrum of organizing values?

How can conscious leadership not only bring meaning and values to the work we do in the moment, but also set in motion positive transformation far beyond the office, or even for generations to come?

We've been inspired by ideas from work + transformation and constructive intervention in business like Million Dollar Smile, 21 Day Challenges, and Local First Challenges which ignite the energy of inner transformation in the workplace. As more people, ideas, and projects come alive around these topics, we'd love to hold space for a deeper emergence.

Possible topics of exploration may include servant leadership’s role in bringing out the best in ourselves and others, moving beyond profit for greater happiness, growing alternate forms of capital for greater true wealth, creating conditions for emergence to drive transformation, and the role of compassion in the workplace.

We’ll be holding space with quite a spectrum of insightful changemakers spanning startups & multi-national corporations, social enterprise, non-profits, and foundations, public policy experts and organizational transformation thought leaders. Victoria Kisoyombe, who started Tanzania’s first mirco-credit institution; Pamela Hawley, who witnessed extreme poverty at age of 12 in Mexico and decided to dedicate her life to social entrepreneurship; Manjula Sridhar who was the former CTO of Aujas and gets her inspiration from the outdoors, doing Ironman's and 400KM bike rides; Carolyn Gable who was a former waitress and single-mom turned CEO; and Stephanie Hermawan who was running a multi-million dollar company in Indonesia by the age of 30! To top it off, a very special elder, ServiceSpace friend and four-time NYT bestselling author Gary Zukav (whose been on Oprah 38 times!) is likely to join us with his wife Linda!

Join us on March 1st for a circle dedicated to greater interconnections among business leaders animated by these themes.