ServiceSpace Community Table :)
On the last Sunday of the month, we host Karma Kitchen at a restaurant in Berkeley -- and I typically arrange to hold various meetings there, because it's a great context for people to interact in. And then ... :)  In that space of great joy, enthusiasm and abundant generosity, people in the various meetings start merging with each other, friends who happen to be at the restaurant join our conversations and some incredible ripples emerge.

So this month, we thought of opening it up even more. :)  As Audrey, Bradley and Kozo lead the volunteer team who will serve up a storm, here's a few of the folks who'll show up as guests, convene over lunch and brainstorm service ideas that lead with s heart of inner transformation ...
  • Alex Busansky -- Founder of Impact Justice, to reduce incarceration
    Laurel Fletcher -- UCB professor and director of International Human Rights Law Clinic
    Birju Pandya -- one of the visionaries behind the 21-Day Challenge portal and work + transformation newsletter, who does a lot of thinking on well-being
    David Lapedis -- was at Google, then SIYLI, and is now brainstorming ideas to transform workplaces
    Eduardo Cardona -- doctor, healer, student of Ayurveda and Dr. Vasanth Laad
    Germán Herrera -- visual artist, photographer with a deep interest in human potential
    Inette Dishler -- leading UC Berkeley's Leadership Training Institute, and looking to reinvent it radically
    Jana Carp  -- lecturer at St. Mary around Slow movement and sustainable development.
    Jeffrey Selbin -- UCB professor and director of East Bay Community Law Center
    Peter Schurman -- formerly founding ED of MoveOn, and now running One Global Democracy
    Preeta Bansal -- previously working with Obama, now with MIT exploring technology use for social emergence
    Richard Whittaker -- founder of works & conversations and an elder in the Gurdjieff tradition
    Sujatha Baliga -- director of the Restorative Justice Project at the National Council on Crime and Delinquency -- and more in this conversation
    Yadollah -- founder of Teance (which is home to many of our circles, like most recent biz + values), now brainstorming a new co-op locally
[Update: since there's been a fair amount of interest here, we are likely to split into lightly themed tables -- but it'll be spontaneous and serendipitous. :)]

If you'd like to join the ServiceSpace Community Table, at noon this Sunday, RSVP below and I'll keep you posted. :)