Money+Transformation Breakout Call
"I believe it’s possible to transform our relationship with money and the culture of money that we’ve created in a way that resources continue to flow, that prosperity continues to be available, and that all of us can be served, nurtured and empowered to more fully express who we are as the human family." --Lynne Twist

Since last week's Conversation on Gift-Based Pricing, streams of insights on our relationship to money have been percolating across airwaves! By popular demand, this week's video breakout call is themed: Money + Transformation.

We'll explore the nuances of money, currency, and capital; their potential as tools for transformation; and our own questions/edges around it all. To seed the conversation, we'll hear initial reflections from:
  • Deven, who holds space for entrepreneurs to explore,  engage, experiment with the question: "What would it take to drive value with the assumption that we're driven by an economy of service?"
  • Joel, who's journey in transforming money has spanned Wall Street banking to spearheading global alternative currency summits with thought leaders like Lynne Twist.
  • With support from, Min, our Monday Circle co-anchor, who designs games to shift children's relationship to money and hosts Honesty Circles to engage with the meaning in money.    
Our 90-minute call will be on Saturday, July 18th 9-10:30AM PST. (10AM MST, 12PM EST, 1PM Chile, 6PM France/Stockholm, 9:30PM IST). 

To join, simply RSVP below and we'll send you the details. Prior to the call, we also ask all participants to submit reflections on these three questions -- so we can all make best use of our time together. Looking forward to it!