ServiceSpace Community Table, at Karma Kitchen!
On the last Sunday of the month, we host Karma Kitchen at a restaurant in Berkeley -- it's a great space of joy, enthusiasm and abundant generosity that seems to facilitate deeper connections.

In addition to the traditional KK community table, we've also started holding space for a ServiceSpace community table.  On this table, the conversations center around synergies with existing projects, designs of new projects that lead with inner-transformation and innovations that support a broader gift-ecology in our society.

This month, our table will feature Finnish artist Maria Jain (see Painter of the DesertClean Laundry with a Big Heart, and Yoga in Prisons in South Africa) alongside former art-curator Anne Veh and photographer Rajesh Krishnan.  Various ServiceSpace volunteers like Rahul Brown and Birju Pandya will also be anchoring couple other tables on business + transformation.

If you'd like to join this Sunday, RSVP below and I'll email you the details and also connect you to others who will be joining.