Trip to City of Ten Thousand Buddhas
Few of us heading out to City of Ten Thousand Buddhas, near Ukiah, on Monday, Oct 26th.

We intend to meet local residents, interact with some monks and nuns, meditate, soak in the ambiance, hear some inspiring stories, learn more about the recently launched university, and so much else that might emerge organically.  Oh, and also lunch at the vegan restaurant -- where not only is the food sourced locally, but the volunteers pray while cooking the food! 

As context, City of Ten Thousand Buddhas was established by a remarkable monk named Master Hsuan Hua -- an actual city led by many monastics, where no life has been killed for the many decades and many sacred texts are preserved and translated.  Lot of us know about this community through our inspiration interactions with Rev. Heng Sure (and his 3-steps-and-bow pilgrimage that was connected to the founding of the city)

On our trip, we'll have the additional privilege to be joined by Jayesh Patel (Gandhian visiting from India), Mukeshanand Swami (a student of Ramana Maharshi, also visiting from India).

To join, RSVP below and we'll email you the carpool details as we get closer to the event.