Gift Ecology Breakout Call
As we dive into Week 4 of our Laddership Circle, many questions around gift ecology and transforming capital have been raised. As we navigate the currents of today's market economy, is it possible to create social change without money? What is Gift Economy? How does one "survive" in it? What's the difference between a sharing economy and gift ecology?

On Tues, Oct 27th, we're diving into a Gift Ecology Breakout Call with the invisible ladder behind these circles, Nipun Mehta! :) Seeing his life as "an attempt to bring smiles in the world and silence in my heart," he recently spent 10 days unearthing tidal waves of giftivism across 5 countries, from Kentucky to the world's richest island, a London living room (with a Gandhian who walked the earth) to the White House.
He recently wrote"When Lynne Twist asked Mother Teresa about her thoughts on fundraising, the response she got was: "Oh, I just pray. Whatever I get is what I need." And that was Mother Teresa's only strategy for sustaining 400 centers across 102 countries.  From a distance, that seems like a mysterious anomaly, but perhaps finding security in money is actually what ought to be odd."

Traditional project incubators support their entrepreneurs in becoming sustainable through money. In Laddership Circles, we've been exploring how to be sustainable through nature. More specifically, through generosity. 

On Tuesday, we'll explore these nuances and beyond.

To join, simply RSVP below and we'll send you the details. Prior to the call, we also ask all participants to submit reflections on these three questions -- so we can all make best use of our time together. You may also like to look over Nipun's FAQs.

Our 90-minute call will be at 8AM PST (11AM EST, 7PM Dubai, 8:30PM IST, 11PM China). Looking forward!