Breakout Call: Museum of Happiness
Last couple weeks of our laddership circle have found us diving deep into questions of compassionate design and transforming organizations.

On March 25th, we're excited to hold an (optional) design brainstorm breakout on Shamash's Museum of Happiness! An experiential adventure, Shamash and his crew of volunteers host a series of interactive exhibitions, workshops and events to offer science-based techniques for happiness and wellbeing that people can implement into their everyday lives. Last weekend, they celebrated International Happiness Day with a slew of offerings-- including two rounds of Karma kitchen! :)

As he and his team experiment with designing for generosity, some questions we'll collectively explore are:
  • In an organized event, how can we convey the gifting context in a way that inspires generosity?
  • What language or messaging inspires people to shift toward more compassion?
  • What other factors help create a deeper quality of connection to the space and others? (e.g. Is there an ideal size of the event? What pre and post-work can be done to help deepen the ripples?)
  • How to create a volunteer experience that focuses on inner transformation (e.g. as opposed to just getting into an event for free)? 
Our 90-min call will be on Mar 25th @11AM-12:30PM PST, which is 12PM MST, 1PM CST/Colombia/Peru, 2PM EST, 6PM UK, 7PM Germany/Stockholm, 10PM Dubai, 11:30PM IST, and 2AM Mar 26th in Singapore.

To join, simply RSVP below and we'll send you the details. Looking forward to it!