ServiceSpace Community Table, at Karma Kitchen!
On the last Sunday of the month, we host Karma Kitchen at a restaurant in Berkeley -- it's a great space of joy, enthusiasm and abundant generosity that seems to facilitate deeper connections.

In addition to the traditional KK community table, we've also started holding space for a ServiceSpace community table.  On this table, the conversations center around synergies with existing projects, designs of new projects that lead with inner-transformation and innovations that support a broader gift-ecology in our society.

This month, our table will feature Toan Lam -- a filmmaker and founder of GoInspireGo, Immanual Joseph, founder of Kulture of Kindness app, and more.  We'll also be joined by Sujatha Baliga, Nipun Mehta, and several other local ServiceSpace anchors.

If you'd like to join this Sunday, RSVP below and we'll email you the details.  (Note: this is not a sign-up for volunteering; you can do that on the KK website.)