Youth Retreat in Surat. ( With Nipun Mehta )
Social change giants of our time, so many of them, started changing society well before their 30th birthday. Mother Teresa become a nun at the age of 18 and within the next decade, she had already started teaching in India. Dalai Lama was a teenager when he was given responsibility of leading his country. Cesar Chavez was 17 when he was first arrested for standing up against segregation. It was in his mid-twenties that Martin Luther King Jr. led the Montgomery boycotts. At age 21, Vinoba Bhave had met Gandhi and dedicated his life to service.

Young people creating change, of course, isn't a surprise. India is set to become the world's youngest country, with an average age of 29. We routinely read stories about twenty-something billionaires, millennials who have invented technologies that are used world-wide, and teenagers who have millions of Twitter followers. The social change heroes cited above, though, didn't merely alter the status-quo; they did it in the direction of greater compassion, equality and peace. Along the way, they became the change they wanted to see in the world.

Do you feel a call to be-the-change and serve? Are you among the 50% of millennials who would take a pay-cut to work a values-oriented company? As distraction, narcissism and bullying are on the rise, are you inspired to step up our collective empathy and deep relationships? Do you find yourself telling people Harvard's most popular class is actually on happiness? When you read reports of unconscionable inequality and hateful racism in various parts of the planet, when you see that we're connected to our devices but disconnected with each other, when you see people suffering in so many different ways, do you feel moved to serve?

If any of those question resonate, we would love to have you join us for our Youth Retreat. Our definition of youth is flexible, so long as you're under 30. :)

We're excited that we'll have inspirations from around India, like Drishti from Mumbai who takes delight in doing kindness challenges for birthdays; Jaimit who has been working on the equation of "Food + Love = Prasad"; Zeal who took to the streets of Surat to spread smiles; and Darpan who got creative when he had to create magic with 2 Rupees. We'll also have guest speakers like Nipun Mehta who started serving in their teenage years and have continued since.

Our hope is that by coming together, we will be able to support each other's journeys and build collective strength for innovating new solutions for our society.

To join, simply RSVP by submitting your email address below, and we'll get back to you with more details.