States of Grace Film Screening
On April 15th, we invite you to join us for a film screening of States of Grace -- followed by Q&A with Dr. Grace Dammann herself and the filmmakers, Helen S. Cohen and Mark Lipman!

This film captures the profound transformation of Dr. Grace Dammann after a head-on car crash on the Golden Gate Bridge in 2008. Like a miracle, she survived the accident after 17 broken bones, 9 surgeries, and 7 weeks in a coma. 

Before the accident, Grace had given herself to service as a prominent HIV/AIDS physician, and was honored by the Dalai Lama for her extraordinary work during the height of the epidemic. Recovering in the same institution where she had worked for 20 years, Grace still wanted to be of service, and found it hard for her mind to adapt to the new reality that she was a patient, not a doctor. After the accident, the most basic things in her life -- such as walking and using the toilet -- become as strenuous as daily mountain summits. Being a caregiver most of her life, Grace has to learn to depend on others.

What is it like to live with such radical changes every day? What helps her in the process?

States of Grace follows Grace's release from the hospital and return home to the Buddhist community where she lives with her partner and their daughter. With humor and candor, the film captures Grace's struggle to discover her new purpose in life, from moment to moment.

We're grateful that Dr. Grace Dammann will be able to join us for the screening and share with us her intimate personal journey.

Like all ServiceSpace offerings, this volunteer run event and space is offered entirely as a gift. And we're delighted to host it at Banyan Grove in West Marin. Please RSVP below and you'll be emailed the details.