Tea Ceremony with Mu Deng Shi-Fu
On Sunday, May 6th @2PM, Mu Deng Shi-Fu from Xilai Temple in Southwest China will be hosting a tea ceremony.

Mu Deng Shi-Fu has been studying the Tao of tea since she was 17, and for over a decade, traveled to all the tea mountains across China. But when she met her Chan master at age 29, her master told her that she didn't know anything about tea. After meditating in the mountain with her master for several years, Mu Deng realized that her master was right, she didn't know anything about tea before! To really know tea, she needed to purify her body and mind, and "listen" to tea....

Mu Deng Shi-Fu offers tea ceremony to the public, and calls it tea meditation. The Tao of tea is just one lens to the Tao of life. She teaches her students to look within through all activities in everyday life.

(Note: This tea ceremony will be followed by our monthly Awakin Circle at Banyan Grove at 4PM. Space is limited for the tea ceremony.)

To join the tea ceremony, RSVP below and you'll be emailed the detail as we get closer.