Early Evening Circle with Nimo!
Join us on Sunday, Apr 22nd @5PM at Banyan Grove, for stillness, stories, and songs from Nimo and others!

At the pinnacle of a dizzying career, Indo-American rapper Nimo was haunted by an unshakeable sense of emptiness. In his mid-twenties, he abandoned the limelight and found himself meditating in the foothills of the Himalayas. There an inner voice nudged him to radically simplify his life and find his purpose in service of others. He moved to the Gandhi Ashram in India and dedicated himself to the children in the surrounding slums.

Fast forward to 2014.  For years, Nimo didn't listen to any music. Then, one day, a friend casually handed him an obscure CD by Daniel Nahmod that ended up re-igniting his interest in music. Reading stories from KindSpring's 21-Day Kindness Challenge, one day a song just flowed. Couple days later, volunteers turned into a music video -- Being Kind. It spread wildly, and deeply inspired Nimo. Another song emerged as a tribute to a Gratitude Challenge, and it was in partnership with none other than Daniel Nahmod. Again, a week later, without any budget, out came a video that spread even further: Grateful.  Few months later, he released an album, that turned into a global tour. At the inaugural Empty Hands performance, he opened with his intent: "We come into this world empty handed, and we leave empty handed. How do we be along the way? That's the question I asked myself, and it has brought me here."

Join us on Sunday, Apr 22nd, for a circle with Nimo and friends. We will start with an hour of silence; in the second hour, Nimo will share some songs, interspersed with stories and sharings from local inspirations. Like all ServiceSpace events, this gathering is offered without any charge, in the spirit of gratitude.
To attend, simply RSVP below and we'll email you the logistical details as we get closer.