Kindful Kids Circle: Paying Forward Kindness

“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.” -- Angela Schwindt

We are so excited to be planting seeds to come together with families for the first ever Kindful Kids Circle hosted by the London ServiceSpace community!  One of our first "family-oriented" experiments in ServiceSpace started as a newsletter back in 2011 and more recently has been rippling into offline community gatherings like Awakin Kids Circles in CA and in Surat, Mindful Parenting Calls, Kindful Kids events and Conscious Mama's CirclesKindful is derived from the words 'kind' + 'mindful' and the intention of this community is to explore how families can cultivate the values we all hold dearly including kindness, compassion, generosity, empathy, mindfulness and more.  We look forward to co-creating each circle together, tapping into the inspiration and ideas of all the families who come along!  I'm guessing that we as parents will learn far more about living each of these values by watching our children in action than they will learn from us. :)

Please join us for the first Kindful Kids Circle on Sunday, June 10th from 2-5pm in Pimlico (Central London), where we'll collectively explore a theme that comes so naturally for children -- kindness!  During our afternoon together we plan to sit in collective silence (for just a few minutes) :),  share inspiring stories and videos, have a circle of sharing with parents and children together and head outside to do some fun kindness experiments together in the local neighbourhood!  We'll end the afternoon with light refreshments together (and ice cream if the weather stays warm!) :)

Please RSVP for adults here and use 2 email addresses if both parents plan to come to help us plan numbers.  After you have submitted your RSVP, use this link to RSVP for your children, including their ages in brackets, so that we can make the afternoon most meaningful for everyone involved.

Feel free to share this event with friends who may resonate and like to come along.  Really looking forward to learning from our children as they experiment with kindness together with a community of like-hearted friends!

With gratitude,
Trishna and Nilakshi