Circle of Sharing: Friends from Peace and Permaculture Dojo in Japan
You're invited to join us for a post-dinner Circle of Sharing in Harrow with friends from a Peace and Permaculture Dojo in Japan on Wednesday, July 4th from 8:30-10pm!  Kai Sawyer and his friend are joining us in London en route to Schumacher College to spend time with Satish Kumar.  Our dear friend Zilong, who many of you will remember meeting this time last year on his cycling pilgrimage, was with Kai a few weeks ago and shared this:
Kai has been a major inspiration for many young people in Japan, bringing together mindfulness, nonviolent communication, Gandhian principles, and permaculture. Here is a TED talk from him a few years back. He has also been translating many ServiceSpace values and practices into Japanese, such as gift economy, Awakin Circles, etc and he recently completed a Laddership Circle. He and his brother (who was my roommate at Casa de Paz) are both Vipassana meditators. He has a lovely 7-month old daughter, and is deepening his practice in the household life.

The format for this post-dinner circle will be as follows...
8:30PM A few minutes of silence followed by Kai and Akane sharing about their journeys
8:45PM Circle of sharing reflections, stories and/or questions for our guests
9:30PM Tea and fruits

There is no cost to attend and there is no proposed agenda. It is simply an offering in the spirit of service.

About our Guests...

Kai was a student in the Graduate Program in Sustainability Sciences and Global Leadership Initiative. He was born in Tokyo, and raised in Niigata, Hawaii, and Osaka. He attended the University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC) where he was heavily involved in student activism and organic gardening. At UCSC, he co-chaired the Education for Sustainable Living Program where he taught and trained students on student-centered education and sustainability activism. While living in the forest of Costa Rica without running water or electricity, he immersed himself in permaculture and mindful living.

He and Akane both currently live at the Peace and Permaculture Dojo in Tokyo and teach urban permaculture and compassionate community-building in Tokyo. They are passionate advocates for a culture of non-violence and coexistence with nature. Kai's dream is to cultivate a culture of peace and compassion with all people.