Awakin Circle with a Gandhian, Arun Dada!
On Wednesday, March 20th, we invite you to a special guest Awakin Circle, with "Arun Dada" as our guest speaker! As always, we start with an hour of silence, follow it up with some stories and songs from Arun Dada, and then conclude with a vegetarian dinner.

To join us, please RSVP below.

About Arun Bhatt ("Arun-dada"): he has dedicated his life to simplicity, service, and nonviolence. Born as the son of freedom fighters, Arun-dada spent parts of his childhood in jails, an unlikely setting where he encountered remarkable forces of love. At 19, he walked across India with Gandhi's spiritual successor, Vinoba Bhave, as part of the Bhoodan (Land Gift) Movement. His untiring equanimity and gentle compassion has dispelled tensions while held at gunpoint, and given rise to remarkable journeys of transformation. He has never sold his labor in all the decades since -- even after marriage and raising two children. "Nature will give me whatever I need, even if that means suffering," he says. Every aspect of his life is a gift that is offered to, and accepted by him.

Now, in his 80s, his eyes are still shining. :) All good that is bestowed upon him, he pays forward. He sings soulful songs, he shares stories, he smiles from a distance. He quietly blesses, without ever trying to.

We're very grateful that Arun Dada will be able to join our local Awakin Circle on March 20th, for an evening of meditation, stories and dialogue!

If you'd like to join, please RSVP below and you'll be emailed the details. Due to space constraints, we can only accommodate 85 people -- but we will also live-stream the event for those who are waitlisted. Thank you for the opportunity to host.