Awakin Teens in West San Jose!

Hello all,

We will host our 3rd Awakin Teens gathering with a kindness activity for the teens to take on!

Our special guest will be Andy Smallman who is a longtime educator, curator of kindness, and inspiring human being.

The gathering will include sharing reflections, interactive activities with Andy, meditation, and a vegetarian dinner.

Our General Flow will be...

4:00 PM - Silent meditation
4:10 PM - Introduction to Circle
4:45 PM - Kindness Activities (with Andy!)
5:45 PM - Gratitude Circle & Closing Remarks
6:00 PM - Vegetarian Dinner
7:00 PM - Goodbye Hugs!     

To join, RSVP below (for teens too!), and we'll be in touch with more details as we get closer.