"Hands, Head, Heart" Retreat: Being with the Other
On Sunday, June 16th, from 10AM-5PM (9AM optional meditation), we are delighted to host a "Hands, Head, Heart" Retreat at Banyan Grove on the apt theme: Being with the Other!

This day-long retreat is an opportunity to convene with kindred community in dialogue, action, and reflection as a pathway to "be the change we wish to see in the world".

At this particular gathering, we'll see Dalai Lama's former dishwasher (among other things) Samir Doshi from DC, home-schooler Meghna Banker visiting from India, Ashima Goyal from Romania, farm-to-table chef Hiromi Ui, actress Mia Tagano, Ladder-in-chief Audrey Lin, ServiceSpace founder Nipun Mehta and many others.

Some questions we may collectively explore include: During these highly polarized times, how do we build bridges? Classic social experiments demonstrate the human impulse to belong; yet modern-day headlines weave an epidemic of separation. How do we embody unity while honoring the pluralism of different journeys? When frames of reference are so disparate, how do we arrive at a shared context to come together? In networks of people, how do we shift from echo chamber to mobiosity? How do we cultivate the inner capacity to hold a diverse spectrum of journeys? What do nuances between sympathy, empathy and compassion reveal?

Along the way, our hope is to deepen our experience of generosity, build deeper ties among each other, and reflect on subtle values embedded in our actions and stories. Ultimately, by amplifying the inner transformation element of the service process, we aim to cultivate a shift from consumption to contribution, transaction to trust, isolation to community, and scarcity to abundance. For more context, read some highlights from Preeta and a reflection from Brian about previous retreats.

Logistics:  A simple vegan lunch will be served. Like all ServiceSpace offerings, this labor-of-love space is offered entirely as a gift and managed entirely by crew of about a dozen volunteers.

If you'd like to join, please (a) RSVP below, (b) submit a pre-retreat questionnaire that we email you, and (c) we'll drop you a note with more details as we get closer!

Thank you for your kinship in co-creating and holding the "other" with a heart of oneness!