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Dear Moved by Love Community,

During a global retreat at the Gandhi Ashram last January, a prominent politician from Austria found himself penning down a song in the middle of the night. Title: What would love do?

In our increasingly complex world, asking that question and recirculating the intelligence of the heart feels more critical than ever. Can it help us counter the epidemic of disconnection and loneliness? Could schools be incubators for growing the heart? Instead of playing defense against vice, could our political systems play offense on virtue? If a business were motivated more deeply by intrinsic motivators, how would it alter its trajectory? What would social impact look like, if we counted what can't be counted?

This Winter, we are hosting various gatherings to dive deeper into such nuances. Below are invitations to two inspiring retreats in Ahmedabad (India) -- one takes an inside-out approach while the other takes a more systemic, outside-in path. In between, we are hosting 1-day retreats with NGO's in Mumbai, project initiators in Auroville, and techies in Bangalore; alongside community-driven Awakin Circles in various cities.

We invite you to engage, co-create a field of emergence, and live into the words of Bucky Fuller: "In order to change an existing paradigm, create a new model -- and make the old one obsolete!"

Thank you, for your heart.



A Western journalist once asked Gandhi, "You've been working fifteen hours a day for fifty years. Don't you ever feel like taking a few weeks off and going for a vacation?" Gandhi laughed and said, "Why? I am always on vacation." Perhaps because he had no personal irons in the fire, no selfish concerns in his work, there was no conflict in his mind to drain his energy. Every week, he wrote hundreds of letters; when his right hand got tired, he learned to write with his left; if his lantern failed, he would finish writing by the moonlight. Whenever he traveled by train, he would come out at every station to greet throngs of his well-wishers. And quite famously, he would have 1-minute meetings. All this while shouldering immense responsibility for hundreds of millions. His secret? Gandhi would simply add, "It is possible when your mind is flooded with love for all."

What is that art of action that regenerates us? Some call it Karma Yog, and we're coming together from Dec 2-5th to explore perspectives on action that affect the depths of our intrinsic motivation. We are particularly excited to have Karma Yogis like Sister Lucy, Nipun Mehta and Jayesh Patel among us!

Some questions we'll explore together: How do we hold a burning world with an untiring heart of service? What will help us upgrade from reaction to response? Can we balance the immediate impact of 'what we do' with the subtler ripple of 'who we are becoming'? Join us for a collective 'head, hands, heart' immersion, with a community offering each other resilience on the path of service!




While we know a lot about optimizing our schools for IQ, businesses for profit, NGOs for impact, media for eyeballs, could today's leaders and aspiring changemakers co-imagine a new playbook for designing for the heart's intelligence? How do we lead our systems, relationships and personal lives, to allow this "law of love" to flow and grow?

If, as Einstein said, problems can't be solved at the level of consciousness that created them -- how do we step into a higher consciousness to effectively respond with compassion? What are the unexpected "black swan" patterns of positive deviance that we might not see alone, but that we can spot collectively?

These are difficult questions. Yet, if heart-centered change-makers from wide-ranging sectors can hold such questions, perhaps something may shift in the matrix of our interconnection and create a field for radically innovative possibilities. No matter how you are circulating your gifts in the world, if you'd like to blur the boundaries, step into the unknown and explore uncommon synergies, do join us from Dec 14-17 to co-create this field!



In Mumbai, Nov 26th, NGO Retreat -- how do we shift from leadership to laddership, in our social impact work? "Success of an intervention depends of the interior condition of the intervenor."

In Auroville, Dec 8th, Startup Service -- turning your service intention into action, sustained by multiple forms of capital beyond money!

In Bangalore, Dec 10th, AI + Future of Relationships -- just as social media hacked our attention, AI is now poised to disrupt our intimacy. How do our tools help us shift from "Artificial Intimacy" to noble friendships?

View list of all upcoming retreats ... with periodic updates!



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